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The village of Černá v Pošumaví lies on the banks of the Lipno Dam. Due to its location, it is the natural center of the Lipno region. The size of the water reservoir offers great conditions for recreation with an inexhaustible amount of activities. The village is located in the Protected Landscape Area of Šumava near the Šumava National Park with well-marked hiking trails.


Treetop Trail - The trail is sensitively integrated into the landscape around Lake Lipno and is a unique addition to Lipno


Olšina educational trail - The educational trail around the Olšina pond will take you through the unique Šumava nature and along the way you will learn interesting information about the local nature and history.


Plechý and Plešné lakes - Plechý, the highest mountain in the Czech part of Šumava (1,378 m) attracts visitors with many attractions. The most attractive glacial Plešné Lake has not been open to the public for many years.


Svatý Tomáš- Vítkův Hrádek - Enjoy the most beautiful view of Lipno, Šumava and the Alps in one place from the highest castle in Bohemia. Vítkův Hrádek is accessible by car, bicycle and on foot and is open almost all year round.


Adalbert Stifter Nature Trail - The circular nature trail will take you through the eastern surroundings of Horní Planá. It bears the name of a local native, poet and writer Adalbert Stifter.


Schwarzenberg Canal - The Schwarzenberg Canal is a water canal in the Šumava Mountains connecting one of the tributaries of the Cold Vltava and the Austrian river Große Mühl, a tributary of the Danube, thus connecting the North and Black Seas.


Alpenblick and Moldaublick Lookout Tower - It is located in the Austrian part of the Šumava Mountains and offers a view of the Czech side in particular - the Lipno Reservoir and its surroundings and the more distant Boubín or Kleť.


Třístoličník - Třístoličník is one of the most important and most visited peaks of Šumava with bizarre rock formations. At the top, a lookout point with distant views has been built on a rocky ridge.


Educational trail of forest games in Stožec (4km of entertainment for children) - The trail is enriched with a number of interactive elements and shows visitors to the world of animals and plants of the forest ecosystem.




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